Saturday, February 23, 2013

Three Pictures

Food of the Gods
I got peanut butter and jelly for my birthday! And have eaten at least one sandwich a day pretty much every day since. Oh beautiful delicious pb&j...

It hasn't rained for about a week, which is like a small miracle here. The past couple days have been bitterly cold, but earlier in the week it was almost not cold, so I took the opportunity of walking home and skipping the packed tram ride. So nice to see the sun again, even if it was fairly brief. 

Not very deceptive carpet
 So I've mentioned that the grad students all go grab lunch together in the cafeteria everyday. Well, we sit in pretty much the same area everyday, except one day this week it was really full and we sat on the other side. And it was then that I noticed this delightful little absurdity. Half of the eating area is your usual ugly pattern designed to hide as much as possible; the other half is rustic wood planks. Both are carpet. I can just imagine the sales pitch, "You get the look of wood flooring, but without having to actually put in wood flooring! Just imagine all the money you'll save, and no one will ever notice!"

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  1. well that explains where the sun went. Feel free to send it back anytime ;-)