Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nothing Much

Sometimes there's a lot going on, and sometimes there's just nothing much happening. The last two weeks have been in the latter category. We got heavy snow last week, resulting in my being snowed in for a couple days. Ok, I wasn't really snowed in, I could go out, but with nothing open, why bother? And then I had a nice lazy weekend. I went out and got a new purse: Longchamp, navy blue. I'd been wanting one, mostly because they're water proof and they have a zipper. I got a hair cut. Same place, different stylist, but a better cut I think. Nothing dramatic, just a trim and shortening my bangs. Nothing dramatic pretty much sums up the past two weeks. Life as usual in France. Normandy weather is unpredictable, but my daily life continues on. This weekend I'm going on an adventure though and I'm super excited! Can you guess where I'm going? The first place I'm going I've been before, but I'm expecting it to be the experience of a lifetime. The second place I'm going is a sister city of somewhere I've lived before. The third place I'm going is somewhere a friend has lived before.

* I was wrong it's not this weekend it's the next one. Time to figure what to do this weekend.

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